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  • Fill your Closet

    Fill your Closet !!!!

    Posted on May 04 2014

    Fill your Closet The largest collection I have ever produced…. SUMMER 2014 has landed! It feels reminiscent of waiting, and waiting, and then waiting….. and FINALLY having my firstborn son,...

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  • Jules Reid is going on the ROAD…..

    Posted on April 04 2014

    Jules Reid and Company is going on the road! We have A BUNCH of fabulous trunk shows planned around the country… and we could not be more excited.  With our...

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  • PALM BEACH Wonder…….

    Posted on March 26 2014

    There is nothing like an escape to Palm Beach when the weather along the East Coast is at its worst! I have been frequenting Palm Beach since my early 20′s,...

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  • Virginia Basketball and Charlottesville

    Posted on March 20 2014

    I have always had a love for Virginia basketball. Due to my height, my father encouraged  (dragged) me to UVA basketball camp at age 12. Being the mother of 3...

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  • Past times for a Lifetime

    Posted on October 12 2013

    N E E D L E P O I N T.   N E E D L E P O I N T. What a way to relax. A way to...

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  • My Obsession with Lucite

    Posted on September 30 2013

    My obsession with lucite began in my late 20′s. It arose, I believe, through my desire for clarity, to “simplify” and to organize.   My living room at my beach house...

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