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PALM BEACH Wonder…….

26 March, 2014 / Jules Reid / COMMENTS (0)

There is nothing like an escape to Palm Beach when the weather along the East Coast is at its worst! I have been frequenting Palm Beach since my early 20′s, and it has been a love affair since my first visit. How can one not love the manicured lawns and the gorgeous homes along North and South County Road? The town feels old school and idyllic.

The Colony Pool- its blue water sprinkled with leaves from the bougainvillea bushes

Jules in her favorite vintage Pucci standing under the Clock Tower at the end of Worth Ave. The BEST vintage Emilio Pucci can be found at Groovy Palm Beach Vintage on North Country Road.

Some of the best boutiques in the country can be found along Worth Avenue.

A pink ceramic elephant found at one of the many shops along West Dixie Highway. This one had to come home with JR !

A handmade basket from Christa’s South Seashells on West Dixie Hway.

A an outside framed poster along Northwood Road in West Palm Beach.

Times have changed a bit however, as the bigger chains have come in and paid higher rents ….causing the unique boutiques to close up shop. Some of the best finds can actually be found in West Palm Beach along Dixie Highway. Vintage stores full of pieces from the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s are frequent finds… and some of the best framed artwork, ceramic garden pieces, bamboo chairs and thick lucite are abundant.

Many of the best interior designers in the world LOVE to fly down to West Palm Beach, pick their finds and fill a truck for a long ride home to the North. A great vintage curator who has collected some of the best designers from the past is EJ at Groovy Palm Beach Vintage.

Jules wearing her 1960 huge and ROUND Emilio Pucci sunglasses.

He can be found in Palm Beach on North County Road. Be prepared for a funny gentleman with tons of knowledge and Pucci to “break the bank”! Some of my favorite finds are from his shop, including an enormous pair of round Emilio Pucci sunglasses that could almost be called comical and a brown velvet printed skirt by Mr Dino.

The one-of-a-kind Colony Hotel, situated near Worth Avenue on Hammond Avenue, has hosted too many celebrities and Presidents to count. It is a wonderfully private and calm setting~ great for an early morning coffee or a relaxing lunch by the pool. Recently redecorated by Carlton Varney, the walls are bright and quite preppy. The pots of bougainvillea that outline the gorgeous pool extend a welcome that stays with you a long time after a visit.

The Colony Hotel. Its gorgeous terrace with the pots of blooming bougainvillea framing the pool.

Gorgeous balconies line one of the Via’s along Worth Avenue.

3 sons in a row.

My son playing in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Colony Hotel, taking a break from the sun.

Nothing better than dinner at the Palm Beach Grill. Jules and her 3 boys on Spring Break.

If you are looking for a refined vacation that echoes the past… look no further than Palm Beach. Many of my inspirations and designs have come to fruition by plodding through hours of vintage pieces in this iconic American town…. Florida’s CROWN JEWEL.

M&V Magazine. It’s 3rd issue featuring Mary McDonald, and a piece on Jules’ beach house in Virginia. @magazinemv

Jules wearing the Lilly orange embroidered jacket and a vintage Whiting and Davis silver top.