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Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

My SS2012 collection is inspired by the bohemian yet glamourous days and nights of the 1960s gypsetter lifestyle. A juxtaposition of color and a graphic explosion of lines define this Spring Summer Season, with silhouettes inspired by the 1960s.

SS86/12 The Jaipur, Hexagon SS10/12 The Harrison, Roundabout Blue SS17/12 The Peony, Tiger Circus
SS88/12 The Anderson, Tiger Circuss
SS14/12 The Harper Two, JR Print Pink SS74/12 John John, Daisy Stream Blue
SS65/12 The Beatrice Mini, Lavender Owl
SS42/12 Harbour Island Pant, Lavender Owl
SS85/12 The York, Roundabout Blue SS64/12 The Rosie, Roundabout Blue SS9/12 The Harold, Roundabout Blue
SS36/12 Polly, Roundabout Blue
SS88/12 The Anderson, Daisy Stream Green
SS53/12 The Isabel, White Lace
SS2/12 The Virginia, JR Print Pink SS9/12 The Harold, White
SS89/12 The Lilly, Orange
SS71/12 The Emma, Roundabout Black
SS24/12 The Hunter, Roundabout Black
SS50/12 The Annie, Ivory
SS59/12 The Natalie, Roundabout Black SS12/12 The Beatrice Daisy Stream Green
SS65/12 The Beatrice Mini, Sliced Tootsie Roll Brown
SS42/12 Harbour Island Pant, Hexagon
SS82/12 Anne Sims, Sliced Tootise Roll Purple SS84/12 The Alfred, Hexagon SS29/12 The Baroness, Roundabout Black SS56/12 The Violet, Brown Stripe
SS9/12 The Harold, Lavender Owl
SS15A/12 The Stella, Tiger Circus
SS17/12 The Hal, Sliced Tootise Roll Purple SS7/12 The Flowing Kimono, Lavender Owl SS44/12 The Becky, Daisy Stream Blue
SS53/12 The Isabel, Pink Lace
SS58/12 The Liza, Lavender Owl