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Resort/Holiday 2013 Collection

Launching her first Resort Holiday Collection, Jules' displays an array of solid and daring colors. Offering many textures from Italian silk, silk duchess satin, silk knit jersey and soft cotton... the line embodies luxury. Whether escaping on an island getaway or attending a ball at the museum, this collection can take you there. Enjoy Jules' sixth collection: Bold. Modern. Feminine.

RH7/13 Flowing Kimono, Apricot Orange

RH99/13 The Betsy Blouse, Colorful Elephant

RH7/13 Flowing Kimono, Summer Green and RH36/13 The Polly, Purple-Emerald Green Stripes

RH95/13 The Stolero Fur, White and RH98/13 The Victoria, Metallic Green Brocade

RH35/13 The Fredericka Jacket in Eggplant

RH94/13 The Theodore Fur in Lavender and RH99/13 The Betsy Blouse, Purple

RH92/13 The Daphne, Orange Polka Dots

RH7/13 Flowing Kimono, Ocean Blue and RH42/13 Harbour Island Pants, Black

RH91/13 The Eve Nightgown in Geo Fencing Brown and RH42/13 Harbour Island pants in Goldish

RH12/13 The Beatrice,White and AA00/01 The Lucite Rock, Clear

RH74/13 The John John, Periwinkle Blue and RH42/13 Harbour Island Pants, Periwinkle Blue

RH84/13 The Alfred in Orange Polka Dots

RH86/13 The Jaipur in Black

RH92/13 The Daphne in SIlver Polka Dots

RH12/13 The Beatrice in Blue Stripes

RH98/13 The Victoria, Ocean Blue Brocade

RH100/13 The Curtis Sexy Blouse, Peachy Pink

RH41/13 The Dean, Colorful Elephant Brocade

RH98/13 The Victoria, White Silver

RH2/13 The Virginia, Lavender Peace

RH2/13 The Virginia, White

RH93/13 The Spain Fur in Black and RH99/13 The Betsy Blouse, Silver Polka Dots

RH7/13 Flowing Kimono in Purple and RH42/13 Harbour Island Pants in Red

RH45/13 The Olivia Blouse, White and RH6/13 The Wyatt Pantsin Blue Stripes

RH99/13 The Betsy Blouse, White and RH24/13 The Hunter Shorts, Red Stripes


RH36/13 The Polly skirt, Red stripes

RH12/13 The Beatrice in Sea Green

RH91/13 The Eve Nightgown in Elephant Love Purple

RH97/13 The Goddess dress, Ocean Blue