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Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

I am thrilled to offer a Spring/Summer Collection that is elegant, bold, romantic and fun to wear. I design textiles, using the classic lines of the 1960's couture that embody vintage glamour, ethnic themes and whimsical animal prints.

SS59/11 Natalie, Pink Floral SS5/11 The India, Large Green Kiwi SS29/11 The Baroness, Pink Stripe SS41/11 The Dean, Jeweled Print Lavender SS14/11 Harper Two, Pink Peacock
SS65/11 Beatrice Mini, Pink Floral SS10/11 Harrison, Jules Orange SS58/11 The Liza, Seashore SS47/11 Brigitte, Blue Stripe Top- SS16/11 Montauk, Blue Green Ikat
Top- SS7/11 Flowing Kimono, Blue Stream Turquoise Dress- SS19/11 The Mae, JR Print Blue
Pants-SS42/11 Harbour Island Pants, JR Print Blue
SS62/11 January Jones, Jeweled Print Lavender Top- SS30/11 The Parker, Pink Peacock
Pants- SS6/11 The Wyatt, Purple Ikat
Sweater- SS66/11 Janney, Dark Blue
Dress- SS60/11 65th Street, Daisy Stream Turquoise
Top- SS16/11 Montauk, Purple Ikat
Skirt- SS15A/11 Stella, Pink Peacock
Top- SS30/11 The Parker, Jeweled Print Pink
Skirt- SS15A/11 Stella, Jeweled Print Pink
Top- SS45/11 Olivia, Jeweled Print Pink
Pants- SS6/11 The Wyatt, Lime Ikat
Sweater- SS69/11 The Lucy, Lavender
Pants- SS11/11 The Mercer, White
Top- SS27/11 The Hal, Jules Orange
Shorts- SS24/11 Hunter, Green
Vest- SS51/11 Annie, Pink Top- SS8/11 Teacel, Pink Stripe
Pants- SS53/11 The Isabel, Lavender Lace
SS64/11 The Rosie, JR Print Blue Top- SS2/11 The Virginia, Daisy Stream Lavender
Pants-SS6/11 The Wyatt, Blue Ikat
Vest- SS51/11 Annie, Blue Top- SS56/11 The Violet, White
Shorts- SS24/11 Hunter, Blue Stripe
Top- SS63/11 The Leo, Blue Stream Turquoise
Shorts- SS57/11 The Beach, Pink Stripe
Top- SS7/11 Flowing Kimono, Jeweled Print Lavender
Shorts- SS24/11 Hunter, Lavender
Top- SS2/11 The Virginia, Large Green Kiwi
Shorts- SS7/11 The Beach, Blue Stripe
Top- SS2/11 The VIrginia, Seashore
Shorts- SS24/11 Hunter, Pink Stripe
SS47/11 Brigitte, Black Sweater- SS67/11 Douglas, Dark Purple
Shorts- SS24/11 Hunter, Pink Stripe
Summer is my favorite season- and the color palette for this collection is influenced by the hues I see at the shore and on travels in the island. I delight in the pink sands, turquoise seas and azure skies of Harbour Island and the brilliant blues of the shutters on old beach cottages. The saturated pinks, warm lilacs and leafy greens echo shades of the tropical foliage that inspire me, as do the aquas and marine blues of the beautiful Caribbean seas. I find bold colors and geometric patterns essential to the elements of my designs. David Hicks and Emilio Pucci, two of my style icons, mastered the use of these elements.

This year I fell in love with Paris all over again. I was surprised by the sumptuous Le Marais quarter, with its winding medieval streets, unconventional residents and vintage boutiques. Discovering a mulitude of artisan fashioned Lucite jewelry adn home decor pieces, fueled my long-term love of all things Lucite. These pieces served as inspiration for the accessories in the collection including the Lucite Rock ring.

The woman who wears my clothes as she enters a room is not afraid to be a focal point. A well-traveled, sexy and smart woman, she is part of the new "gypset" with her own Bohemian edge. She knows herself and is not afraid to take a chance. She moves from her days at the beach to outings with her children to hosting dinner parties with ease and grace.

This was my first season to present during New York's Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. In conjunction with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, I was able to create a setting in which to unveil my Spring Summer 2011 collection.

Tunic- SS65/11 Beatrice Mini, Jewelry Print Lavender
Sweater- SS68/11 Nancy, Blue