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Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

FALL 2011 is upon us. My 4th season designing, enter a world of sophisticated, undiscovered energy. Complete with deep colors, new textures and even fur. Available in stores early September 2011. 

FW73/11 The Kim, Green Zoo FW41/11 The Dean, Multifloral Lav
AA00/03 The Buddha Tassel, Hot Pink
FW28/11 The Augustus, Multifloral Gray
AA00/01 The Lucite Rock
FW45/11 The Olivia, Chocolate Brown
FW6/11 The Wyatt, Geo Fencing black and blue
FW41/11 The Dean, Emerald Green FW54/11 The Gwenyth, Ele Love black & purple
FW78/11 The Theodore Fur, blue
FW71/11 The Emma, Metallic Floral Fushia
FW6/11 The Wyatt, Yellow and Black Ikat
FW40/11 The Walter, Elephant
FW74/11 The John John, Green Zoo FW76/11 The Vera, Dark Purple FW2/11 The Virginia, Geo Fencing black & blue
AA00/03 The Buddha Tassel, Hot Pink
AA00/01 The Lucite Rock
FW29/11 The Baroness, Multifloral Gray
FW30/11 The Parker, Swirl
FW15A/11 The Stella, Swirl
AA00/01 The Lucite Rock
FW72/11 The Alice, Jules Print, pink and black FW77/11 The Olatz, Green Zoo
AA00/01 The Lucite Rock
FW2/11 The Virginia, JR Print silver & black
FW6/11 The Wyatt, Pink and Black Ikat
FW45/11 The Olivia, Petal Pink
FW79/11 The Mac, Kid Fox
FW75/11 The Kate, Metallic Elephant
FW43/11 The Mary, JR Print silver and black/Metallic Floral Gray FW17A/11 The Dahlia, Multifloral Fushia
FW34/11 The Pink Sands Coat, Multifloral Fushia
FW49/11 The McPherson, Metallic Elephant
  FW81/11 The Cricket Hat, black
FW19/11 The Mae, JR Print silver and black
FW80/11 The Sally Hat, White
FW41/11 The Dean, Blue