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Jules' Experience

Your presentation to the world involves not just what you wear and how your carry yourself but also your home and how it appears visually to you and to others. Jules has always held this belief and before she began designing clothing, she was creating beauty in her own homes and for friends and special clients. Her sense of creativity and design ability, whether, a piece of clothing, a room or an entire home, make her the perfect choice for YOU.



THE destinations that have shaped Jules: the ones that have had a lasting influence on her interior flavor and presentations are :


The Landing, Harbour Island

The dusty beach road as you first enter Tulum, including Hemingway’s romantic communal open air dining area.

The stucco walls and arches of the Biltmore in Miami.

The dinoursaur trees sprinkled along South County Road, Palm Beach.

The narrow streets in Antigua, Gautemala that open into the weaving areas of tribal women.

The rolling hills of Sardinia with the white Grecian homes hung with ocean blue shutters.

The surprisingly open and quiet streets in Soho in the early morning hours before the district begins moving finally about  11 AM with its ultimate charm, the cast iron building shading the low light. 

Virginia's stately old homes with their sweeping lawns and magnificent architecture.


Jules has lived many places, most notably …. India, when young, Kansas as an energetic, early teen and Virginia where she graduated from high school. After college she worked in Washington DC and in Manhattan. She returned to Virginia to raise her three sons. South Florida has always had her heart, and in 2018 she relocated to Palm Beach.