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SUMMER is HERE, finally…. and my blog has come to life!

21 May, 2013 / Jules Reid / COMMENTS (0)

Whew. What a winter! Never can I recall such a long, gloomy season! Being a LEO and ruled by the SUN… these past 4 months have been quite daunting for me. But as we know, things always change…. and we are finally FINALLY presented with sunny skies and glorious temperatures.

It is the perfect time to launch my blog.

Summer is the season of living: outdoor time. A season of sand, children playing in the yard and on the beach, sandcastles, long walks along the ocean, bright colors, peonies, large brimmed sun hats, reading a great book under an umbrella, visits from family and friends, snow cones, pink paddle boarding, sunscreen and white covered noses, big black sunglasses, a gin and tonic with extra limes, dancing under the stars, the smell of chlorine, wet hair, braids, bright Hermes and Pucci towels, sun kissed cheeks, big gold hooped earrings, no homework, freckles, sleeping in, mosquito bites, and an overall feeling of relief.

Having 3 younger boys who love the ocean, living right near the beach is our perfect solution. We surf, skin board, paddle board, play LAX in the yard, ride bikes, take long walks on the beach… and hopefully enjoy many visits from friends afar.

Bye for now, Jules