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Reflections on Vintage Jewelry

05 June, 2013 / Jules Reid / COMMENTS (0)

Just when you think that you have found the best piece of jewelry IN YOUR LIFETIME… another one comes along!

Vintage Jewelry is all about the FIND, the rarity, the feeling of finding a needle in a haystack. My love of vintage pieces began in my early 20′s. Living in Soho, NYC and walking the streets among the wonderful shops…. my eyes spying a rare, spectacular piece that I had never dreamed of seeing. Researching the designer, learning about its history and dreaming up the ways that other woman had worn the piece became my hobby.

To me, it is frivolously fun. Building an outfit around a necklace, or a bracelet or earrings…. it is playful and artistic. In my photo shoots for my collections, I have constantly shown the clothing with pieces from my personal vintage collection along with pieces I (sadly) offer to our clients. Finding that special piece is a gift.

The two pieces below were available on my website!

Vintage Judith Hendler Pink Lucite Choker Necklace 

 Vintage 1970s Lanvin Cream Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Carol Tannenbaum of Canada also has a stunning collection.

The the left is one of my favorites, a Green and Diamond Choker Necklace

House of Lavande in Palm Beach has one of the best collections of vintage jewelry I have ever seen.

A Lanvin cream colored teardrop pendant necklace from the 1970′s – This is one of my most cherished finds.

 At a trunk show in Alexandria wearing one of my faves! A thick gold chain necklace with a bar of tassels dangling down.

It reminds me of a Whitting and Davis small clutch purse- yet it is hanging around the neck.


I love embracing the past. Paying homage to those designers before who have stood the test of time and years later excite us as we create an outfit.

Here’s to SAVING all of our jewelry for our daughters and granddaughters so that they TOO can relish the past!

Bye for now,