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Tulum- A place of paradise

02 June, 2014 / Jules Reid / COMMENTS (0)


A Place of Paradise

A true treasure of serenity.  Tulum is a place of long, lost days…. full of relaxation and Old World mystique. I learned about this special place several years ago from a friend in NYC, and knew that it was a spot I wanted to explore. I have spent a week during the last two Christmas’ in Tulum and have found myself thinking of this place almost EVERY DAY in some manner since my feet hit the sand. Travel to the Cancun airport, grab your bags and a $10 sidewalk Marguerita as a car picks you up and whisks you away to paradise. The immediate feeling is one of PEACE….. a feeling of days past~ before we relied on constant minute to minute communication with our children and friends, or our businesses. The air of Tulum begs you to relax and to fall into its lazy days, complete with  a beach walk, laying in the sand, daily yoga by very distinguished teachers and finally ….wonderful, gourmet food found almost at every turn. This idyllic town is located on the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The climate is typically ideal- offering sunny skies year round and spectacular sunsets. You will find a natural breeze in the evening as well as the sound of waves crashing along the shore.  The options of where to rest your head are plentiful with small boutique hotels lining the beach for 3 or 4 miles.

This is a place for those who are well-traveled but yearn for the past~for relaxation, for the feeling of being out of touch with daily activities back home. Tulum calls out to those who appreciate the old, the less traveled, and the simplicity of a day. I favorite spot to discover is Coqui Coqui Tulum. A chic, small bungalow hotel complete with its own restaurant, women’s boutique and perfumerie.  The feeling is romantic and yet rustic. I found myself walking there along the beach after a delicious lunch at Hemingways.  This boutique hotel has an upscale feeling while still being extremely laid back. The sand covered floors in the boutique speak to this effect. For those who want to learn about the Mayan ruins, a short trip into the main part of the city awaits. Tulum is a walled city that served as a major port as early as the 13th century and inhabited by the Mayans. Tulum survived 70 years after the Spanish settlers began  occupying Mexico. The ruins of this city are located on 40 foot tall cliffs lining the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Taking in the history of this Old World township offers a short respite from beach and the sun,  and a chance to see unique and lasting architecture. I admit I lost my sandals at one point during my stay, and didn’t realize it until it was time to get picked up for a ride back to the airport. Tulum is an idyllic place where you CAN leave your shoes behind as you shed the typical elements of our fast paced lifestyle back home.


 Jules wearing Vintage Emilio Pucci along the seashore


Jules ( wearing the Lilly jacket) and a friend relax after dinner

Christmas in Tulum

Hemingways outside decor

YOGA    everywhere

An oceanside cabana


Senor or Senorita? Color and art are plentiful