OUR Budding Romance…….. Imperial Black

Posted on June 20 2016

OUR Budding Romance…….. Imperial Black
The Jules Reid dream girl 
Sometimes…. you just KNOW, right ?  We all have had that feeling before. It hits you right where it should... and you KNOW.
Jules Reid experienced this recently when stumbling upon Imperial Black company. A men's clothing company born in 1911, Imperial Black makes luxury men's clothing in Italy in very small batches. Each of their couture shirts sell out quickly... and when they are gone, they are GONE.
An Imperial Black gent is one who loves to travel, loves women, has tales from places both near and far, loves cars that go fast and has an impeccable taste for the finer things in life. Finally, he wants to visit or live in Lyford Cay.... like his icon..... MR James Bond.
These italian made shirts are very well suited for special occasions in one's business or personal life.
If you dive into the man behind Imperial Black, the mysterious EMM, you will find his love for Slim Aarons Photography and the good life. Can't you just see these gents below in Imperial Black shirts?
This photo is named the Kings of Hollywood by Slim Aarons.
And, along with the Imperial Black man's love of women, we would surely find hanging on their walls photographs like these by Aarons from the 1960's
Jonathan Adler actually sells this spectacular Slim Aaron's photography on his website. Here is SLIM AARONS "Pool at Las Brisas" 
Each photo is printed from the scans of the original negative and then mounted on aluminum and faced with museum plexiglass. 



For those of you who are JUST learning about Imperial Black and feel the LOVE like we do, they offer The HEIST COLLECTION.     

It's the group of shirts that almost didn't see the light of day. 3 luxurious men's shirts in some of the most beautiful fabrics they have ever produced ! It's worth a look at these splendid shirts and even more, to own THREE of these jewels!  

The Heist Collection ~ 3 shirts together !
Jules Reid in Lyford Cay
Swanky backgammon set ~ great for any man 
( He should already have one if he's the REAL DEAL )
So, we find it a match made in HEAVEN. The chance to meet and to KNOW these Imperial Black gents.  We think you will too !
It seems natural that a Jules Reid woman would get to know ( or possibly more.. ) an
Imperial Black gent. 
AND ,there you have it !
Women are known to wear their boyfriends or hubbies shirts, no ? As women... we CARE what our other half is wearing because secretly WE sometimes want to throw their shirts on.....
JR has been seen lately sporting her IB Signature Hat with a White Logo.

Tre Chic AND covers our faces from the sun !
The Imperial Black company has a fabulous lifestyle, and EMM blogs about it on his truly original blog called Journey of the Orange Thread
We hope you will follow JR as we continue to discover more about The Imperial Black man !
Bye for now,

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